A lightning-quick attacking winger, Max possesses the ability to read the play and understand several aspects of the game while focussing on being the ultimate attacking player. 

Max has consistently formed the backbone of every team he has played with, possessing the grit and determination needed to do whatever it takes to score, or assist others to score. He is adept at positioning himself for scoring opportunities and serving as options for midfielders in the defensive half. At only 14.5 years of age Max was selected to represent his school’s 1st XI squad, usually reserved for final year, 17 yo, students. Max already displays the mental capacity, toughness and determination to succeed. 

In September 2023, at 16 years and 5 months, Max signed his first Academy contract with Societá Sportivo Turris Calcio Srl playing in Italy’s Serie C competition for the club’s U17 National Youth squad, and regular call-ups for their U18 Regional squad.

Player Stats

23/24 Status        U17 National Youth, Serie C, Naples, Italy
Position                   RW/LW
Foot                           Dual (preferred right)
Height                      184 cm (5’11”)
Weight                     65 kg
Birth year               2007 
FIFA registered   Yes
FIGC registered  Yes

Beep Test              11.2
20m sprint            3.2 seconds
40m sprint            5.9 seconds
Vertical leap         52

A selection of highlights and stills (2021-2024)